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Ghislaine Maxwell trial latest: British teen ‘was asked did you have fun?’ after Epstein massage

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From the New York courthouse, Josie Ensor and Jamie Johnson report. 

The anonymous witness Kate told the court in Manhattan how Ghislaine Maxwell once asked her if she knew any other girls for Epstein, as she had “a lot to do” keeping him satisfied. She claimed he needed sex three times a day.

“What if anything did Maxwell say about Epstein’s need for massages?,” Prosecutor Lara Pomerantz asked Kate on the stand. “He needed massages all the time and it was very difficult to keep up,” she responded.

On one occasion when Kate was staying at Epstein’s Palm Beach home, she found what she described as a “schoolgirl outfit” with white socks and white “panties” laid out on her guest room bed. When she asked Ms Maxwell what it was for, Ms Maxwell said, “I thought it would be fun for you to take Jeffrey his tea in this outfit.”

Kate put the costume on, and Ms Maxwell gave her a tray; she found Epstein by the pool. He initiated a sex act with her, she told the jury.

Afterwards, she alleges Ms Maxwell told her: “You’re such a good girl, I’m so happy you were able to come.”

Ms Pomerantz asked Kate why she had put on the outfit.

“I didn’t know how to say no,” Kate said. “I had never been to Palm Beach or Florida before. I had no idea where the house was. And I wasn’t sure if I said no if I would have to leave, or what the consequence would be for not doing it.”

Kate also spoke about a 10-year period where she abused alcohol, cocaine and sleeping pills which covered the time of the allegations. 

The defence questioned whether her history of drug and alcohol abuse affected her memory. “It has not had an impact on the memories I have always had,” Kate answered.

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